“La Maremmana”

Caseificio Inno al Sole is an artisanal cheese factory located in Grosseto, in Maremma Toscana, that produces and sells buffalo mozzarella and other buffalo dairy products with the “La Maremmana” brand. The cheese factory is part of a historical family owned dairy farm that produces cereal, herds’ buffaloes, offers tourist accommodation in its agriturismo’s and produces renewable energy.
Our family has been breeding animals and dedicating itself to agriculture for the past two centuries. From the 80’s we have been breeding Mediterranean Buffalos for milk production.

Nowadays our buffalos are raised free-range in the hills surrounding Capalbio, southern Tuscany, and are then brought to our dairy farm in Grosseto to give birth and enter milking production. We breed around 700 buffalos.

Animal nutrition is one of the key factors determining the quality of dairy products. We are thus keen to supply a first class nutrition to our animals in order to obtain top quality cheese.
We have a strict control on the supply chain and produce about 80% of what our animals eat and employ experts specializing in animal nutrition and wellbeing supervise the whole process.

Our breeding philosophy aims to maximize our animals’ health and wellbeing by combining free-range conditions in the first years of life to ample spaces once animals are in their productive period.

In the past few years, in order to complement our dairy farm business, we have developed an artisanal cheese factory to make cheese from our milk and a biogas renewable energy plant, the integration of our different enterprises aims at a sustainable supply chain for quality products.

At the moment we:

  • Produce cereal and fodder for animal feeding on our land
  • Breed buffalos
  • Produce buffalo milk
  • Make cheese with our buffalo milk
  • Use all the manure, byproducts and waste to produce renewable energy
  • Use renewable energy to power our business

We have small shop in the farm where one can buy and taste a wide range of cheese and dairy products as other local niche products, cold cuts and wine.

Group visits are available upon request.